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Conegliano celebrates 1000 years of history.

Venice Carnival

Pictures and a short story of the Carnival in Venice and its famous masks and costumes; the Carnival is one of the best times to visit Venice.

Verona, the City of Love

Verona is considered one of the most romantic cities in Italy and for Valentine’s Day there’s a festival dedicated to love

A walk on the Hills of Arzignano

A walk on the hills of Arzignano, my hometown.

Fountains of Rome

Fountains of Rome

Many fountains in Rome are true pieces of art, designed and sculptured by some of the most famous artists. Here are my favorite.

Golden Circle

Golden Circle

First day in Iceland driving around the Golden Circle, fascinated by the beauties of Thingvellir, Geyser and Gullfoss, and any corner of the island.