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Backpacking in the Dominican Republic and Haiti

Backpacking in the Dominican Republic and Haiti was an adventure, in particular in Haiti; this is our 40 days itinerary around the two countries.

Back to the Dominicans!

Going back to the Dominican Republic from Haiti was a shock! The two countries are side by side but opposite as quality of life and behaviour.

Cap Haitien

A day in Cap Haitien and Labadie beach. Quite nice this part of Haiti.

The long journey to Cap Haitien

The long journey from Port au Prince to Cap Haitien, one whole day spent hoping that the bus won’t overturn or that we won’t have an accident.

Dirty feet in Port-au-Prince

Dirty feet in Port-au-Prince

A day walking around Port au Prince, visiting the cathedral, the marché de fer, the voodoo art gallery, and resting our dirty feet at the Oloffson, a trademark of the town.